At Last!

A tiny, cozy gem hidden in between The Arts District and Retro Row of Long Beach. This tiny restaurant seats about 20 people max. You would never guess there was a cafe here if you drove by it, but At Last Cafe gained their popularity by word of mouth. They actually just finished filming Diners, Drive-ins and Dives the other day. How I would have LOVED to be there when Guy showed up. I think I would have actually been star struck for once. Look for this cafe on the Food Network.

Oh yes, the food. Upscale dining at a reasonable price. Lunch for two came out to be just about $25. We ordered the Thai-Lime Salad and the Chicken sandwich for lunch and a creme brulee for desert. I definitely liked the sandwich more - no scratch that - I liked the creme brulee the best.

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  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR 1ST BLOG, YOU BLOGGER!!! This is the place Ate and I were trying to find, but we ended up going to Islands instead. Can't wait to try their food...I've also been intrigued by The Bitter Chef. Passed by a couple times and seems like a cute place. Maybe you/we can go so you can blog about it.


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