Father Time

Father's Office.  An LA gastropub where it's just as crowded at 3pm as it is at 9pm.  Sharing tables with complete strangers is a must, but having friendly conversations with them is actually the fun culture that makes this bar so popular (oh, and the food).

It has been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate with bacon where celebrity chefs tout local restaurants on certain foods. Chef Adam Gertler called their Office Burger a "chefed-out burger" because it's not your typical burger.  It includes some of my favorite ingredients dry-aged beef, bacon-onion compote, gruyere and  blue cheeses, fresh arugula on a french roll.  Don't expect to get some ketchup cause you won't get any,  The restaurant has a strict No Substitutes policy, "yes-really." Trust me, you won't even think about adding anything more to this juicy goodness.

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