Chasing Trucks

My latest hobby: Chasing Los Angeles Food Trucks

Night 1: The Brig in Venice
One night I decided to follow all the trucks I'd be interested in on Twitter.  I then headed to Venice to taste the Calbi truck and the Buttermilk truck.  Calbi BBQ truck offers Korean flavors fused into Mexican dishes such as the kimchee quesadilla and the beef short rib burritos.  I tried the shrimp and BBQ pork tacos.  They were tiny but the shrimp was super succulent and not overcooked.  The pork had so many different and exotic flavors going on.  It was a sweet, sour, savory party in my mouth.

My favorite that night was the Buttermilk Truck.  They serve breakfast items made with buttermilk (oh yea!)  I ordered the red velvet chocolate chip pancakes and Johnny, a friend I made in line, gave me his extra Hawaiian bread french toast to try.  Thanks Johnny!  Those pancakes are a must when you visit this truck.  I wish I could have tried more on the menu but I only had little room left in my stomach to finish the french toast.

Night 2: California Soul at The Grandstar Jazz Club in Chinatown
A night of great hip hop music, LA food trucks, and local artists is an A-OK night for me.  Some trucks involved in this event were the DimSum Truck and Lomo Arigato.  From the DimSum Truck try the duck taco and the steamed chicken buns.  I normally love baked pork buns but they were stale this night  =(

Lomo Arigato is a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.  We had the Lomo Saltado and it was a red wine, soy sauce, savory delight.  The chefs on this truck also flambe your food in front of you.

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