Chicken and Yellow rice w/ plantains

Shredded beef in a tomato and bell pepper sauce
Fried plantains

Cuban Chicken and Seafood Paella

I recently took a trip to South Beach Miami and had a big appetite for Cuban cuisine.  As soon as we touched base we went to a highly recommended Cuban restaurant Puerto Sagua Restaurant. Talk about homemade soul food.  The yellow rice and roasted chicken was so flavorful.  How do they make yellow rice yellow?  Just as good was the shredded beef dish in a tomato base sauce with green bell peppers and onions.  It reminded of the same flavor profiles as a Filipino dish called menudo.  What completed each dish were actually the fried plantains.  They added the right amount of sweetness to these savory dishes.  I could eat a bucket of those plantains!  The last plate that came in was the seafood and chicken Cuban paella.  There seemed to be a higher seafood ratio to the rice ratio, but that was fine by me.  Shrimp, fish, calamari, chicken, and lobster are all worth the wait for just a bite of this dish.  

If you are in town you have to come in.  We came in twice during our 4 day trip and the food was good both times.  The portions were so big we even had enough leftovers for breakfast.  Enjoy!

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