I Got Shaved... Ice

Me: tiger's blood, melona, mango+li hing mui powder+sweet cream

Abigail: tiger's blood, pineapple, watermelon+vanilla ice cream+li hing mui powder+pico powder+sweet cream

 Limbert: tiger's blood, blue vanilla, watermelon+vanilla ice cream+li hing mui powder

After having tasted the Get Shaved Truck I sometimes crave a Hawaiian Ice late at night.  I've never had ice shaved so fine to where it almost tastes like ice cream.  Other shaved ice/snow cone places are just not the same where the ice is shaved course, the syrup runs through your treat, and you just end up with crushed ice at the top and sugar water at the bottom.  At the Get Shaved Truck, every spoonful tastes just as good as the first (sometimes better if you get it with ice cream).  The ice is saved so fine that it holds on to the syrup very well. 

If you are wondering, no, they don't use real tigers' blood (1. is that even legal? 2. would people even want that?)  Tiger's blood is a mix of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut flavors.  Li hing mui powder is an Asian condiment made of salted dried plums, it's an acquired taste and not for everybody.  Pico powder is a spicy chili powder and it pairs well with mango or watermelon.

Follow Get Shaved this summer.  It's a great late night treat.

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