LA Street Food Fest Tasting Event, Part 1

June 24, 2010, a day that I had been looking forward to since the last disappointing LA Food Festival in February where I never even got through the gates before we gave up and decided the wait wasn't worth it.  Over the past weekend, I attended the LA Street Food Festival Tasting Event and tasted some favorite trucks again and some new ones for the first time.  Already when I got there, I knew I wouldn't have to wait in a two hour line in hopes of getting in.  I forgot to print out my tickets for them to scan so they just scanned my confirmation email from my iPhone (talk about being green).  Here are only some of the trucks that I tasted.  Wish I could have taken pictures of everything I tasted but then my post would go on for ages.

Pasadena, CA
Rose Bowl
The Manila Machine who won 1st runner up in best new trucks
lumpia and pork belly adobo
Mandoline Grill
Tofu Bahn Mi from Mandoline Grill
Monsieur Egg
Toasted open-faced sourdough sandwich with plum jelly, brisket, fresh arugula, poached egg and pesto
Whisk LA desserts
S'more whoopie pie
I had halted eating anything at around 11:30am to prepare for this event.  I was fairly hungry when we arrived and the suspense of eating all this food made me more and more hungry.  As soon as we headed in with the other general admission ticket holders Andrew and I fell into the first line we saw.   I looked at the tiny cucumber salad sample from the Gastrobus.  I thought to myself, "At this rate, I'm never going to get full!"  Most lines had a 15-30 min wait for a bite-sized sample of what they offered. Was I wrong, time went by quickly while waiting in line with friends and having conversations with strangers.  We ate while we waited in the next line and talked about the food.  Before I knew it, I was full.  So full in fact, I left the event a little early.

Some vendors pictured above are the Manila Machine who won runner up for best new truck.  The adobo pork belly they served with pineapple chunks was a perfect balance between savory and sweet.  Although I've never tried it with pineapple I sure will start to cook it like that.  Mandoline Grill's Tofu Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) were very flavorful.  A baguette with pickled veggies and marinated tofu.  I definitely tasted the fish sauce in there, yum!  Monsieur Egg and their open-faced poached egg sandwich.  Monseiur Egg is a cart and not a truck.  Have I told you how much I love eggs?  Especially when they are slow poached and the yolk is runny.  Anything with a poached egg on top is "good" on my list.  I had Whisk LA's for the first time.  What I like about whoopie pies in general is that there isn't too much frosting like that of a cupcake.  I usually end up eating just the cake and not finishing the frosting.  Whisk LA's  S'more whoopie pie was a lovely sticky goodness.  Gooey marshmallow without the char, a thin layer of chocolate and a fluffy cake to hold them all in.

 Stay tuned for Part 2 of the LA Steet Food Festival Tasting Event.

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