Andrew Zimmern in Venice

Venice Beach, CA

Baby's Badass Burgers

Andrew Zimmern interviewing the BBB truck

You'll find all kinds of things and people in Venice Beach.  From aspiring entertainers to people who can pump you up!  This day I found Andrew Zimmern.  I followed him through Twitter one day because I heard be was filming an upcoming show in Los Angeles featuring LA street food.  One of my favorite food personalities in my hood eating some of my favorite food?  I had to go see him.  I would eat food with him any day, normal or bizzare!

As I waited for him to come out I got to try a truck that I've been wanting to try. The Baby's Badass Burgers's truck. They specialize in burgers and sliders. I asked Nicole which one she recommended and she steered me toward The Original Beauty sliders. I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries.  The burgers had mushrooms, swiss, and onions inside a tiny toasted Hawaiian roll, yum.  The sunny weather in Venice also added to the yumminess.

Andrew came out and began trying the food truck by truck.  When he reached BBB's pink truck I jumped into the shot with the extras.  I was able to get up close and listen to everything Andrew said about the BBB's truck.  He loved it!  Especially the truffle burger

Check out Andrew Zimmern's food and dining blog on LA Street Food Chow and Again.

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