Savor Los Angeles SWEETS!

There's ALWAYS room for dessert and after having dinner at The Grove in LA I thought I had ruined my appetite before attending this event.  Apparently not, I was able to taste almost all the vendors and even a couple different treats they were offering.

A food (or rather, sweets) tasting hosted by Parallel Lines featuring their first showcase in an event of  tasting series, Savor Los Angeles SWEETS!  Don't be afraid to lick your screen at these pictures.

Cream Puffs from Plaisir
Miauhaus Studios
S'muffins from Gotta Have S'more
Brownie Bites from Sweets for the Soul
Lemon Cheesecakes from Pure Cheesecakes
Sunflower Butter Mousse with Triple Sec Cherry Glaze from The Crosby
front to back: Blueberry Sorbet and Mint Chocolate Chip from N'Ice Cream
an assortment of macaroons from XT Patisserie
Brownies and a single Carrot Cake ball from Babycakes NYC

Me and Andrew photo courtesy of Rony's Photo Booth
Abigail and Me photo courtesy of Rony's Photo Booth

Savor Los Angeles was hosted on June 30 at Miauhaus Studios, Los Angeles.  The sustainable event offered pasteries and sweets from Plaisir, Babycakes NYC, Sweets for the Soul, N'Ice Cream, Frosted Cupcakery and much more along with paired beverages offered from Intelligista Coffee Bar, Pama Liqueur and Izze.  The event attracted a large crowd of hip Los Angelenos ready for a sugar high.

Everything I tasted that night was very yummy indeed.  Some of the best ones of the night for me was the S'muffin from Gotta Have S'more.  A hybrid of a cupcake and a s'more.  I picked out the sample pieces with the marshmallow tops and they were so good.  Perfectly toasted and gooey.  The cheesecakes from Pure Cheesecake were so creamy and smooth with a nutty crust.  Plaisir had probably the best looking table set up attracting me to their table first.  They had their cream puffs in several flavors.  I tried the cheesecake cream puff which they recommended.  An explosion in your mouth!  N'Ice Cream's homemade blueberry sorbet was refreshing and quite a palate cleanser after trying so many sweets.  P.O.P Candy Co.  had an amazing homemade rosemary almond toffee candy that was earthy and sweet at the same time.  Definitely a tasty combination that has been missing in my life until now.

After a full tummy and empty sampling tables, I thoroughly enjoyed the night sipping champagne in the VIP lounge and meeting and reuniting with people.  Parallel Lines had seriously done a great job with pulling all these premier delicacies together and making a night of it.  Count me in on the next event!

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