Long Beach Street Food Fest

 Sun, food trucks, music, grass.  The Long Beach Street Food Festival was in town for a second time on Oct 9.  Over 20 trucks participated and some of them were The Grilled Cheese Truck, Crepes Bonaparte, and The Nom Nom Truck.  I tried The Manila Machine for the second time, the Ahn-Joo Truck, and The Sweets Truck.

sisig with steamed jasmine rice from the Manila Machine
beef tapa pan de sal slider from the Manila Machine
ube cupcake from the Manila Machine

I hit up the Manila Machine first.  I've always wanted to try their pan de sal sliders.  Pan de sal is a Filipino dinner roll eaten mainly for breakfast, and tastes great dipped into coffee.  I ordered the beef tapas slider with a pickled relish.  The sour relish balanced the saltiness in marinated beef tapa.  It also had a  Sriracha mayo.  Their sisig was a bit oily but nonetheless very tasty.  The best part of this truck was the ube (purple yam) cupcakes with a buttercream frosting and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

bacon wrapped rice cylinders with a jalapeno ponzu sauce from Ahn-Joo
potsickers with a chili dipping sauce from Ahn-Joo
spicy chicken with Korean peppers from Ahn-Joo
The Ahn-Joo Truck is a Korean snack bar truck.  They divide their food into small grub, medium grub, and large grub.  I asked the cashier to "give me whatever you recommend," and he gave me these three dishes.  The bacon wrapped rice cylinder I imagine would have been good if they were made fresh but when I bit into them I expected a chewy, sticky rice cylinder but instead got a pencil eraser.  It was so dried out and hard, but I can understand in an event like this that making everything fresh for the large crowd would be unfeasible.  However, the jalapeno ponzu sauce was good (I love anything dipped in ponzu).  The potsickers were mediocre to me, but the chicken skewers with peppers were winners.  The chicken was moist (I could tell they had just cooked it fresh) and the peppers gave a small amount but not too overwhelming spicyness.

I ended the event with a lavender Italian soda from the Sweets Truck and entertainment on the grass.  The event turned out to be a great success, and I literally could not eat another bite.  The trucks were all very helpful when I asked what they recommended.  I would visit these trucks again.

Follow these trucks on Twitter to see if they will be coming to a neighborhood near you:
The Manila Machine - @manilamachine
Ahn-Joo Truck - @AhnJooLA
The Sweets Truck - @TheSweetsTruck

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  1. I'm so jealous you were able to go to this! This past weekend my boyfriend and I ate at a cute little food truck that served Scooby Snacks and was painted like The Mystery Machine, wish I could've tried everything though. Great pictures!

  2. Oh the Munchie Machine! Their Scooby Snacks are so good! I plan on blogging about them soon. Keep checking for that one coming up. Thanks for stopping by.



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