Modern Day Ice Cream Truck

When I was a girl, every afternoon during the summer months my friends and I would chase down the ice cream truck for Bomb Pops.  Now, thanks to Twitter, nothing has changed.  I still chase the ice cream trucks but this time a more upscale, gourmet ice cream truck.  The Coolhaus truck is not your average ice cream sandwich truck.  With flavors such as Cabernet Lambrusco and Balsamic Fig and Marscapone it's an ice cream truck but, well, all grown up. 
Vanilla Bean in a Brioche
Cookies and Cream with Snickerdoodle
Andrew waiting for his ice cream sandwich
Balsamic Fig and Mascarpone with Apple Fritter Cookie
Brown Butter with Candied Bacon ice cream in Chocolate Chip
 Coolhaus is now in Austin, Texas and will be coming to New York soon.  Thankfully they began their journey in Los Angeles and have already acclaimed to be the best of the best.  Inspiration comes from architecture where you'll find sandwiches named after famous architects and you'll even see it in the design of the truck.

They have original flavors (try the dirty mint chip, it's so fresh) and seasonal flavors (the balsamic fig and mascarpone was a subtle swirl of balance), and for the sweet and savory lovers brown butter and candied bacon is the way to go.  Either way, every scoop is handmade and served fresh so you can't go wrong.  Oh, and don't forget to eat the wrapper.

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