So The Devil and The Vampire Walk Into The Bar

Halloween Wines

Halloween is a great holiday to get festive.   In the spirit of the holiday I have chosen some appropriate wines.  I'm not anywhere near a sommelier but I do like to enjoy a nice glass of wine once in a while.

The Velvet Devil (2008) is a full bodied Merlot.  It is smooth and, yes, velvety.  It has notes of bittersweet chocolate, cherries, and rose petal.   I really enjoyed this wine and for the price of $12 it is a great buy.
The Vampire (2009) Pinot Noir is lighter and has notes of strawberries and oak.  It is fruity and easy to drink, but wait for this one to air out.  For $10, this is also a good buy and goes great for any season.

I recommend The Velvet Devil of the two if you like bold wines like I do.  Either way, these will spruce up any ghoulish event, or a Twilight party, perhaps?

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