Scooby Snacks

 Remember Scooby-Doo and the Gang?  You can re-live the memories through this food truck, The Munchie Machine (their version of the Mystery Machine, the van that the the gang drove around in - clever!).  They won't be fighting ghosts or monsters but they will be serving you delicious treats.

I've tried their grilled veggetini sandwich from the LA Street Food Festival (read about the event here and here) where they also won The Best Sweet Dessert.  I wasn't able to try this dessert at the event so I had to go back and try the award winning dessert.

Imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich marries a s'more, had a baby, and named her after the Scooby Snack.  It was so delicious, gooey and nostalgic.  All my favorite childhood snacks rolled into one.  They use gourmet Plush Puffs and torch them to melted perfection.  Toasted wheat bread gives a nutty texture and slight crunch.

If you happen to have a munchie attack and want to try their gourmet eats follow them here:
website:  The Munchie Machine
Twitter: @munchiemachine1
Facebook: The Munchie Machine!

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  1. I had one of these from the Munchie Machine at the Beverly Hills Art Festival a few weekends ago! It was absolutely delicious. Now I'm going to be craving one all weekend....


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