Whimsical Kitchen Tools

1. Child's cooking whisk 9in. by Fiesta Products - $9.95
    This chef's got his head in the right place.
2. Lazy spoon and ladle 2pc. set by Rachel Ray - $19.99
    Rest this spoon on the lip of your pot instead of the counter top. 
3. Monkey Peeler 6" by Animal House - $8.14
    He doesn't monkey around.
4. Garlic Zoom - $12.99
    Hate the smell of garlicy fingertips?  Zoom them in this.

Cooking in the kitchen is only half the fun, add these characters and you'll be having a ball.  I love adding new cooking tools to my kitchen.  They motivate me to cook more, and even more so when they are this fun.  If I only had enough space for all the fun devices out there.  

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