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How adorable are these little foodie necklaces by

We took these 'lil cuties home

Craft festivals are the best place to get holiday presents for friends and family (or for yourself).  They add a personal touch that's hard to find in retail stores.  Not to mention that there's always a good food truck lurking around.  Roscata had the cutest necklaces with all kinds of foodie favorites from s'mores to sundaes to sushi.  Nothing beats 100% handmade jewelry.  Can you guess which of the two necklaces pictured above I picked for myself?

filet mignon sandwich with roasted peppers and chimichurri sauce from Piaggio on Wheels
caprese empanada from Piaggio on Wheels
chicken empanada with chimichurri sauce

Piaggio on Wheels features gourmet Argentinian cuisine with an Italian flare.  Ask Piaggio what he recommends and he'll probably give you something not on the menu.  He suggested a 5oz. filet mignon (perfectly cooked btw) sandwich ($9) with flavor bursting roasted red peppers and an herbal chimichurri sauce.  The sandwich was soo big I had to split it with a friend.  If you're craving empanadas ($2), the chicken empanadas are the ones to go with.  Not that I don't love the flavors of the caprese (tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil) but I taste those flavors often.  The chicken empanadas are savory, saucy and crispy.

the 808 includes Tiger's Blood, Vanilla and Melona from Tropical Shave Ice Truck

our 808 with cream and li hing mui
No matter if it's chilly out or in the middle of winter, I say shaved ice is never out of season.  The difference between Hawaiian shaved ice and a snow cone is that Hawaiian shaved ice is shaved so finely it tastes almost creamy, like ice cream!  The Tropical Shave Ice Truck has many flavor combinations but the one we picked was the popular 808 with tiger's blood (watermelon, strawberry, and coconut), vanilla, and melona ($4).  I was hesitant on the vanilla flavor but it worked well with the other two, not overpowering.  Tropical Shave Ice Truck also supplies their own hula dancers, in case you are planning to throw a hula party sometime in the future.

Contact Information:
Patchworks Indie and Arts Craft Festival

Roscata whimsical jewelry

Piaggio on Wheels
Phone: 949.350.6557

Tropical Shave Ice Truck
Phone: 714.519.9443
Fax: 714.494.8030


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