Peppermint Party

A Christmas Dinner
This time of year my roommate and I get really excited to decorate.  You'll find us decorating even after Christmas, and we end up loving our apartment so much we keep the decorations up as long as it starts to become awkward to have a Christmas tree in the middle of March.  Last year my roomie and I hosted a Peppermint themed Christmas dinner.  We decorated the apartment red, white, black and silver.  Candy canes and peppermint patties gave our place a fun feel while black velvet ribbon gave a sophisticated touch.  We always potluck with our friends and we always have way more food than we can eat.  That's what the holidays are about right?  We ended the night with cupcakes made by my friend Abigail from Abs of Cakes and peppermint hot chocolate with peppermint ice cream.  

I love decorating for the holidays.  I can't wait to show you guys our theme this year.  The only thing we're missing in our apartment is snow.  Do you have a theme throughout your decorating this year?


  1. Joanne: Thanks! That means so much to me. You're recipes look so awesome. I'm gonna have to try them out.


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