Ichi-Ichi Shabu-Shabu

One night my friend Kat and I decided to eat dinner at a small shopping center in Rowland Heights.  She loved the shabu-shabu at this particular place, Ichi-Ichi because they had a sauce bar where you could make your own sauces.  Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot where you can drop all kinds of ingredients into a boiling pot of water in front of you and then dip these ingredients into sauces.  I love it on a cold winter night.  The steam from the pot warms you up and the food is very fresh and the meal is healthy and filling.

When we walked in there was no one to greet us.  We sat ourselves and when the girl finally came out from the back she didn't even say hello nor gave us a smile.  She got our waters and walked away.  I'm not used to this type of service.  She never checked up on us and she just was not pleasant.  I couldn't believe that she was hired to be in the service industry.

However, the food made up of the lack of service.  It was tasteful and beautiful.  Normally at a shabu-shabu restaurant you get a plate of various vegetables, a plate of thinly sliced meat (in my case I always get the angus beef), and a bowl of rice.  We had an individual pot of boiling pork stock to cook the veggies and the meat in.The vibrant vegetable plate included baby corns, carrots, squash, cabbage, different mushrooms and noodles,  and a fish paste that you could scoop into balls and drop into the broth.  The angus beef had a nice marbleization.

after dinner you can make a soup from the leftover broth and the noodles.

After dinner we had dessert at a cafe next door called Phoenix.  What was wrong with this shopping center because the service here has even more horrible than the last?  That night was just not our night.  We literally had to get up and track the server down every time we needed something.  Unlike the shabu-shabu spot I would not come back to this place.  The black sticky rice with coconut milk was very good and maybe, just maybe, one day I might come back for that.  To go.
various mochi
black sticky rice and coconut milk
If you decide to go to these restaurants go for the food and don't expect the service to be at par.  Maybe it was an off night for everyone but that can't explain the lack thereof of service for the entire night.  I would go back to Ichi-Ichi to give it one more shot because I really like their sauce bar but I can get black sticky rice at another place in Rowland Heights.

Ichi-Ichi Fusion Shabu-Shabu and Tempura
18184 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 964-8866

Phoenix Food Boutique 
18166 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-8688

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