Sweet, Salty, Smokey

As you may know I have a deep love for pork belly and for milk chocolate so why not have them together?  Vosges specializes in exotic, luxury chocolates.  This bacon + chocolate bar ($8) is the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a little bit of smokey.  Little bits of applewood smoked bacon are all throughout this chocolate bar with the added saltiness of smoked sea salt.  The chocolate has a smooth mouth-feel and melts perfectly in your mouth.  I could eat the whole bar in one sitting (but I won't).


  1. They sell these at the little barbeque place near my house... I've always been curious but too afraid to try one!

  2. I remember these USED to be $6 like.. o... around '04 when we lived in Chicago and visited their boutique. Now I just buy local stuff. $8 is just insane for 1 choco bar!


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