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Shio ramen with pork
pork and rice side dish
Tea Egg
Kimchi Ramen
Mitsuwa Market
Japanese snacks we took home

One cold evening we were craving something hot, brothy, and steamy.  Ramen.  No, not the ones from some sort of Styrofoam cup nor the ones from a bag where you add an "MSG packet."  I'm talking about real, fresh Japanese ramen.  Broth that has been simmering and developing flavors all day, noodles that are fresh and meat that falls off the bone.  The flavors are incomparable to instant ramen.

Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace that has a grocery store, boutique shops, and eateries.   Santouka is the ramen house inside the marketplace.  The booth looks like a little bodega and the signs are in Japanese so you won't be able to tell that it a ramen house unless you take a closer look and see their food displays and pictures (or unless you can read Japanese).  They have several variations of ramen miso, shio (a traditional broth flavored with salt), shoyo (broth flavored with soy sauce), Tokusen toroniku (pork cheek ramen).  I asked the cashier to recommend one for me and she recommended the shio ramen with a side of rice and pork and an egg infused with tea.  The broth hit the right spot.  It was flavorful and seasoned perfectly.  I was afraid of it being too salty because of the description.  You could really taste the depth and development of flavors in the broth.  It was garnished with bamboo shoots, green onions, mushrooms, pork, and a fish cake.  Honestly, I really didn't need the side dishes because the ramen filled me up.  If you like things spicy, try the kimchi ramen. 

After the satisfying meal, we frolicked in the grocery area and were amazed by the rows and rows of snacks.  We brought home just a few.

Mitsuwa Marketplace
21515 Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 782-0335

Santouka Ramen
located inside Mitsuwa Marketplace
(310) 212-1101

I am devastated by the disaster that hit the beautiful country of Japan.  My prayers and condolences go out to those in need.  If you would like to help, click on the red cross to donate.

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