Puff Pastries

F21 dress and necklace, vintage clutch, Betsey Johnson watch, shell bracelets gifted from the Philippines, Preview International nude shoes

Over the weekend Andrew and I attended a gorgeous Armenian wedding.  What I love about living in the US is that you can experience several different cultures in your lifetime.  It was so much fun (and so much food).  They really know how to celebrate.

We had some time to kill before the reception so we visited the Americana at Brand and had some of Bead Papa's cream puffs ($2.15 ea).  If I had known that this was how cream puffs were supposed to taste like I would have ditched the frozen stuff a long time ago.  The choux pastry was so flaky on the outside.  It was almost like cracking into a delicate shell.  The inside of the pastry was light and airy and the custard was creamy, cool, and aromatically infused with natural vanilla.  They fill each choux pastry right before serving so that it did not become soggy (not good eats).  Lastly, they sprinkle it with just a touch of powdered sugar for a slight sweetness.  Perfect.  I can see why these are the world's best cream puffs.

Beard Papa 
locations worldwide
At the Americana
233 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91210

Americana at Brand
889 Americana Way Suite 330
Glendale, CA 91210


  1. That cream puffs looks really yummy!
    Love the color of your dress!


  2. That looks so so good! And I absolutely love your dress- red is my favorite.


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