The Art of the Craft

I appreciate good wine but I can also appreciate a good beer.  The Bruery is a family-operated microbrewery located in Orange County, CA.  Like wine, there are many complexities when tasting beer that I have yet to learn.  The Bruery focuses on simple ingredients used to make beers that are unpasturized and unfiltered, resulting in a pure flavor.  Ahhhh... I can taste the cool beer now.

We happily enjoyed our beers with great vegetarian eats from Seabirds food truck that was parked right outside.  Luckily we were the very last customers before they ran out of everything, but we were able to try the jerk jackfruit tacos {$4} and the bella burger on sourdough {$8} with sweet potato fries {$3}.  Everything was so tasty you wouldn't believe they were vegetarian/gluten free.  Honest!

715 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA 92870

1 comment:

  1. Looks so yummy! Your post always make me so excited to get back to Los Angeles... I miss the food so much!


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