Curbside Cravings

There is nothing like American street food.  Especially when they come in different cultures.  Neri's Curbside Cravings began as a small local restaurant and has expanded into the street scene.  This Filipino food truck fuses Filipino flavors with American culture but still has the traditional plates like dinuguan (pork blood stew) and fried lechon (pig belly).  Food critics rave about their crispy dinuguan. 

 I was able to try their tapa burger per recommendation of the server.  A tangy soy marinaded patty with a homemade pickle of veggies and a fried egg.  The pickle perfectly balanced the savoriness of the burger.  The bun was a traditional pan de sal roll, toasted and spread with aioli.  I'm all over anything with aioli (garlic mayo) after discovering the goodness being used all over Europe several years back.  The fried egg was just icing on the cake.  However, now that I look at their menu online a bag of chips was supposed to accompany the burger.  I never got mine.  What's up with that Neri?

Neri's Curbside Cravings
Twitter: @curbsidecraving

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  1. Hi there, first we would like to thank you for posting pictures and writing a blog about us. We sincerely apologize that you did not get your bag of chips, therefore we owe you one. We must have missed that line as we were taking orders "Your burger comes with a bag of chips, so please feel free to grab one while waiting for your order" :) Just let anyone of us know and we will gladly give you an extra bag or even upgrade you to an order of lobster ball : ) Thanks again !


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