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I have been spending the last 6 days traveling throughout China.   So far I have touched base at Beijing, Xi'an, and Wuxi.  The country is rich with culture and at the same time very industrial and always changing.  The people are forward-looking and yet will never forget their roots.  Everywhere red lanterns decorate store fronts and high rises are being built faster than I can finish my blog entry.

Here are pictures of the Great Wall of China and the city wall of Xi'an.  Both over thousands of years old, the country takes pride in their history and culture.  Of course I had to throw in a couple food pictures. It has been such a wonderful experience I can't wait to share with you more.  I look forward to the second part of my trip.

locks at the Great Wall
wonderful view of the Great Wall
hiking my way up
the city wall of Xi'an.  This city has a deep history of Chinese dynasties
leaning against the city wall after a bike ride

can you guess what's in this little dumpling?

food art

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  1. I need to go back to Beijing. November was just too f'ing cold to "hang out" at the Great Wall. We ran away after 1.5 days and didn't even do Xi'an, Great Wall. :sadface:


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