Lower East Side Brunch

Freemans Restaurant in the LES, New York is nestled in a small alleyway.  It is quaint and rugged at the same time.  Succulents line the fireplace mantle and the servers rock flannel shirts and scruff, the men of course.  Coming here for brunch makes you feel like you are high up in the mountains away from the city.  A warm and cozy cabin feeling.  The food was also very good.  The ingredients they use are sustainable and locally sourced.  We were able to beat the brunch crowd by arriving early.
Poached eggs with roasted tomato and grits {$12}  |  Citrus champagne cocktail {$10}

 Artichoke dip {$10}

 Devils on Horseback {$6}

Baked egg white skillet {$10}

 Roast pork sandwich {$12}

Raised waffle with creme fraiche and bananas {$11}

Poached eggs with grits {$12}
 Andrew and I enjoyed the company of our east coast friends Ritchie and Oz who suggested this restaurant.  The star of the show was the amazing artichoke dip.  Hot, cheesy, and so good! I know it's just artichoke dip.  I mean, who hasn't had artichoke dip?  If you haven't had this artichoke dip, no other dip compares.  The devils on horseback are dates wrapped with bacon.  Sweet and savory? enough said.  The raised waffle was... not-so-raised. Did someone forget the baking soda?  It was more of a crisp waffle but still very good.  I had the poached eggs with cheesy grits and a herb-roasted tomato.  I love a runny yolk.  However, if the toast didn't come with my plate it would have been too much mush and not enough contrasting textures.

Oz really liked the roast pork sandwich with pickled zucchini and garlic mayo from the last time he was there that he had to get it for breakfast.  Ritchie's baked egg white skillet came with asparagus, herbs, goat cheese and a baguette.  They also specialize in cocktails.  The citrus champagne cocktail has orange bitters, a sugar cube, and champagne; an alternative twist to the mimosa.  Ritchie had the the sweeter German fizz with elderflower, grapefruit and champagne.

All things considered,  I loved the ambiance and warm feeling of this restaurant especially early in the morning.  It makes me feel like I fell asleep next to the fireplace and woke up to a warm breakfast.  Although I wouldn't rate the food with five starts it was still very memorable.

Freemans Restaurant
191 Crystie St. #2F
New York, NY 10002

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  1. Well said, Christine. Looking at the pictures makes me want to go back for some devils on horseback. (And artichoke dip of course.)


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