Grill 'Em All

The Grill 'Em All Truck is the ultimate lean mean grilling machine. Their take on burgers is out of this world! I mean, who puts peanut butter and jelly in a burger? I couldn't pass on that one.  If you like tasty meaty burgers, this is the joint to go to, rather follow.  No leafy greens in these buns, unless you're maybe Hannah Montana (the name of the only burger on the menu with lettuce and tomato).  Oh yea, did I forget to mention that they won the first season of the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network?

The Witte Burger  {$8}
The Witte burger has cream cheese, deep fried bacon, beer and Sriracha grilled onions, and a malt vinegar aioli.  I love cream cheese, I love bacon, I love beer, I love Sriracha, I love aioli, and I love this burger!  Nothing but goodness lies in this burger.

The Dee Snider Burger {$8}
Here it is - peanut butter and jelly in a burger, along with Sriracha and bacon the Dee Snider.  It's kind of a scary thought at first, a PB&J sandwich and a burger making babies but the offspring came out lovely. The slight sweetness in the jelly and the creaminess of the peanut butter were perfect with the meat.  They did not overpower one another.

 Next time I'm gonna fast and attempt to eat the Behemoth - two grilled cheese sandwiches and a burger ménage à trois.  Thanks Grill 'Em All.  Your burger masterpieces are awesome and you guys rock!

Grill 'Em All Truck
Twitter: @GrillEmAllTruck

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