Wine Party

Here's a fun event for all you wine lovers.  Instead of going out wine tasting have the wine come to you!  It's a sure good time. 

Me and some friends hosted a wine tasting party for Andrew's birthday and all I had to do was buy some cheeses, fruits and crackers that Norma, the wine connoisseur, had asked to provide, but you know me, I was going to make it into a feast!

I asked Norma to send me the food pairings to each wine and from there I came up with this menu:

Cloud Number Nine
White Wine Blend
description: A blend of several white wines with green apple, melon, and floral aromas
paired with: Havarti Cheese and a fruit plate

Nouveau Muse
description: A complex wine with hints of blackberry jam
paired with: Parmegiano pesto pasta salad and a cheese and meat plate

description: This was my favorite.  Slight tannins with a long finish.  Has aromas of cherries and cranberries
paired with: grilled rib-eye

Petit Cadeau 
description: A sparkling wine to entice the taste buds
paired with: chocolate covered strawberries

If you are interested in any of the recipes for these pairings please contact me at  I'll be happy to provide them.  To throw your own wine tasting party in the greater LA area, contact Norma, she was a lovely host.


  1. Christine, the food your prepared was delicious and how can I forget the steak. Oh grilled just to perfection, juices flowing. My favorite pairing was the steak with the zinfandel.


  2. That was my favorite too. It was such a great event. Thanks again Norma, Andrew loved it.


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