A Heart Warmer

Being in NYC for the time being, I am truly appreciating the change in seasons. My sister visited me last week.  On a chilly evening we were on our way to Chinatown to get some hand-pulled noodles but a quaint, colorful, no-name spot in the Lower East Side caught our eye and we were intrigued. This tiny, cute gem pulled us in and we decided to go for Japanese instead. I'm glad we did because this place was a surprising treat.
Why yes, I'll have some soba.
We started off with a homemade silky tofu appetizer.  It was like a deconstructed dish that I had no idea what it was supposed to end up tasting like.  I built every spoonful: tofu, seaweed, bonito, ginger, scallions, and a dribble of soy sauce.   Wow.  Silky, almost milky tofu, brightness from the ginger and scallions, and savory from the soy sauce and bonito flakes.  This appetizer is a great start.
homemade silky tofu {$5}
We both had the dipped soba.  This was our first time having dipped soba but we saw other people in the restaurant with it and we wanted to give it a whirl.  They bring out the soba deconstructed as well.  The noodles are separated from the broth and you just dip the soba noodles in the hot broth for 5-10 seconds then eat!  It was super tasty and delicious.  I had the stamina soba with chicken, pork, and mushrooms, and my sister had the curry soba with chicken.

Japanese curry soba {$13.50}
Stamina soba {$9.80}

3 easy steps to eat Cocoron's soba
But there's a 4th step.  Slurp.  Lastly, they give you a pot of broth that the soba was cooked it (supposedly it has healthy benefits), add it to the broth (don't drink the broth by itself as it's very salty), and slurp.  Ahh... it melts your stress away.
Cocoron is truly heart warming and I will definitely be back.  The only thing is that the location is so uber tiny (even for NY standards) it takes a while to be seated.  Don't come with a group larger than 3, 2 is best.  If you don't mind waiting outside, it is really worth the wait.  You will come out with a happy stomach and a healthy(er) heart.

61 Delancey St
(between Eldridge St & Allen St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 925-5220


It wouldn't be NYC without Katz's Delicatessen.  With as much history that this restaurant has, it's no wonder they are so famous.  This place also has had more silver screen moments than most of the talent in the entertainment industry. When Harry Met Sally, Across the Universe, and Enchanted are just some of the few movies Katz's have made appearances in.

Besides their several movie cameos, people really come because of the pastrami.  It's the Best!  Really!  It is so flavorful and juicy.  This cured goodness is so tender it almost melts in your mouth.  I love corned beef but here, the pastrami tops it.

Pastrami sandwich {$15.75}

Pickles and cucumbers
Corned beef omelet {$13.80}
Visit their website and you could keep a tradition going by sending our troops a salami. 

Katz's Delicatessen

205 E. Hudson St.
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-2246

Fashion's Night Out NY

Bergdorf Goodman displayed some of the best live window displays
Designer Jason Wu
Kicking off the start of New York Fashion Week I attended Fashion's Night Out, a city wide event where retailers throw events for fashionistas and others to shop, mingle, and enjoy some cool freebies.  My friend Val and I walked up and down 5th Ave and visited Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman.  Highlight of the night, being able to see designer Jason Wu up close and personal.  I went home happy =)

Also, Check out last year's FNO from Los Angeles.

David Burke and Labor Day

I want to apologize in advance for the low quality of photography.  I don't know if it's just me, but I feel weird setting my flash off every minute in a nice restaurant.  Half-way through the meal I said ef it and just started taking flash photography.  I wanted to be able to share my meal with you guys.

So my brother visited me over Labor Day weekend and we went to David Burke Kitchen in SoHo.  After seeing David Burke in Top Chef I just had to visit.  Chef David Burke is known to have a whimsical approach to New American cuisine.  Luckily, there was a Labor Day 3-course prix fixe meal with drink pairings for $39.  We jumped on that band-wagon right away.  First of all, I just want to say that they have the best butter that they serve with their bread.  Shameful to say, I would eat it alone (but I won't!).  

First course was a prosciutto and burrata salad with watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, and peaches.  Without the prosciutto it would be more of a dessert, but the balance of the saltiness of the prosciutto was so perfect as an appetizer.  It was fresh, summery, and savory.  Chef David paired it with a honey badger cocktail which had spring 44 honey, lemon juice, apple bitters, and cinnamon syrup.  Slightly bitter, sour, and had a slight kick.  The first course was a perfect start to get your senses going.
honey badger cocktail
prosciutto and burrata salad

The second course was roasted sea scallops with heirloom cherry tomatoes, rock shrimp, and tomato water.  At first I wondered what tomato water was but it was like a tomato based broth, very tasty.  I wanted some bread to sop up the broth.  The scallops were cooked so perfectly.  I think it would have been more impressive to use bigger shrimp however, they gave a good amount in the dish. 

Roasted sea scallops
The scallops were paired with a rum, Grand Marnier, St. Germain, and a peach liquer sangria.  Now that's a sangria!

12 sangria
The final course was a peach melba.  It had a cold pistachio nougat on the bottom, peaches floating in a warm raspberry sauce in the middle and vanilla ice cream on the top.  It was paired with a raspberry linzer cookie.  Wow, I normally stay away from pistachio desserts but this treat was wonderful.  Paired with a specialty BBQ peach beer created by Chef Burke himself.  It tasted more like grilled peaches (yum) rather than peaches in BBQ sauce (uh...).  Random fact: January 13 is national Peach Melba Day. 
Burke in the Bottle

Peach Melba with a raspberry linzer
The food was definitely memorable and I can't wait to try out his other restaurants.  If you would like to visit this restaurant here is the contact info and let me know how you like it! Good Eatings!

David Burke Kitchen
23 Grand Street (at Sixth Avenue)
Soho, NYC 10013
212.201.9119 tel
646.770.8716 fax

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A Bit of Fringe

After the hurricane that hit the East Coast it began to finally feel a little cooler, enter: Fall.  I have been wanting to post about fringe for a while now but I felt that it was best suited for the Fall.  Adding fringe to an outfit gives it a bit of a bohemian/bad ass look, and it can also become very glamorous.  It's up to you.  You can use it a little or a lot.  I like on my bags (like this), in jewelry, and in scarfs.  Heck, I just love using it as an accent to any outfit. 

1. Topshop Black leather handbag, $175
2. Tilly's ANM cotton knit sweater, $46
3. Juicy Couture fringe necklace, $128
4. Daily Bird Black earrings, $62
5. Billabong short shorts, $50
6. Frenchi fringe scarve, $20

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