Around My Kitchen

I thought I'd share a fun post with you. Some things you can find in my kitchen. I recently received a new camera and I have been trying to learn the functions on it. These pics my be a little amatureish, but I wanted to practice on a few things I have around my home. My kitchen gets really good lighting so I thought this is would be a good place to start.
My pint sized sugar and cream containers (you can find similar ones at Crate&Barrel)
I like to keep fresh fruit around the kitchen for healthy snacking
and a decorative bowl filled with onions and garlic (not for snacking)
My Maytryoshka doll which doubles as measuring cups by Fred M

You might find half a sandwich hanging around my kitchen too

These pictures are just the beginning of my new hobby of photography. I can't wait to see how much I will improve on my future posts. I have been lugging my camera around with me everywhere and have been taking pictures of random items on the streets but I am far from where I would like to be. If you have any tips on how I can improve these photos and future photos I am all ears =)


  1. lovely photos! x


  2. Love the pics!!!

    Check out our blog and do some shopping!!
    xx Julie xx

  3. I am always left drooling and wanting to put damage on my credit card after reading your blog... thank you from a fellow fashionist"o" and foodie


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