Black & Beige

 Here's a little twist to the classic black and white ensemble.  Instead of stark white pieces I used a soft beige color to create a vintage b&w photo feel.  I love this lace top as it reminds me of the lace and embroidery on a filipiana dress or barong tagalog, the traditional outfit of the Philippines.  It's beginning to get chilly here in LA so I topped off my outfit with a Topshop faux fur coat I got while I was in NY.
F21 lace top, necklace and heels, Topshop faux fur coat, H&M purse, Uniqlo corduroy pants, Gucci watch, gifted bracelet
Some Instragram photos.  Username: christineverla
To carry on the vintage feel, I paired my mother's vintage Gucci watch and an heirloom replica bracelet that Andrew gave me.  This watch was one of the few indulgences she bought when she first began living and working in the U.S.  She bought it when she was about my age now.  It reminds me of my parents' perseverance to create a higher quality life for themselves and how much I appreciate the amount of hustle they put in for us.

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  1. I'm so into neutrals right now. This lace top is beautiful!


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