Organize: Home

Now that Andrew and I have moved into the same space I have been looking for ways to keep organized with all the stuff we have together.  The past couple weeks we have been purging and organizing to make everything fit in our one bedroom apartment.  I have found some easy ways to keep on top of the clutter while making things look effortlessly cohesive.
Keep the in-drawer clutter under control by placing an egg carton in it to keep small articles from getting lost.  This also works great for earrings in the small compartments and necklaces in the large compartment.
Putting all our user manuals in one place has proved to be handy.  Plastic sheets keep them in good condition and easy to find.
What to do with all those bread ties? This keeps you from playing the mind-teasing game of "follow the cord".
I have a lot of scrap paper from my art and craft projects.  Use thin strips for binder spines to keep your home from looking like your office.  What the heck, use them for the office too!


  1. Sound like a good idea. I always use scrapbooking paper to spice up some details in the house.

  2. I absolutely love this idea - I can't wait to dress up my binders! What a great way to make your office pretty!


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