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One of the blisses of being a food and fashion blogger is finding things that join both worlds.  When I tell people that I blog about food and fashion they are boggled by how the two can come together.  In an outfit, adding a layer can change the outfit.  Much like a recipe, adding an ingredient or substituting ingredients can also change the dish.

I wanted to put together some stylish things that involve cake.  I use my Philosophy birthday cake body wash when I want to feel cheery, because well,  who wouldn't want to smell sweet?  I'm also loving this Kate Spade canvas bag, and I love how chic the pink cake stand is.  So my question is, why can't you have both?
1. Kate Spade Eat Cake For Breakfast cosmetic bag {$78}
2.  Philosophy vanilla birthday cake flavored lip shine {$10}
Philosophy pink frosted layer cake shower gel {$16}
3. Rosana Petit cupcake stand {$16.95}
4. Tokyo Milk shea butter hand creme {$13.95}
5. Topshop cupcake wipes {$3}

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