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Having lived in Southern California most my life, I've been able to experience various kinds of Mexican cuisine.  It's almost like second nature to grab a taco after a night out, or look for posole if I need some comfort food.  I crave it when I'm traveling for long periods of time. When I was living in NY last year I didn't eat any Mexican food because in a strange way, if I did, it almost felt like I was cheating on L.A.

As you can see, I love my Mexican food so when my husband told me to try this spot, Guisados, in Boyle Heights I thought it would just be the regular fare of carne asada or al pastor tacos with cilantro and onions.  A guisado has the same meaning in Tagalog as it does in Spanish, to stew.  So, I wondered what stewing had to do with tacos?
pork chuleta in a green sauce
fish taco
chicharron (fried pork rind) taco
shrimp taco
chicken tamale with green sauce and beef tamale with red sauce
The first time I ate here I had the taco sampler {$6.99}.  You get 6 smaller samples of their most popular tacos.  I recommend this if you can't decide, but beware of the middle taco it has habanero sauce on it.  Their various stews go into homemade tortillas that are thick enough to not fall apart in the saucy goodness.  Don't you just hate when your taco falls apart?  The tortillas are almost cakey and sop up the great flavors of the stews.  I want to take my tortilla and just dip it right into the simmering pots.

They also have several vegetarian selections that include a squash and vegetable medley and a bean and cheese taco that I hear is good also.  I like to get the chicharron taco and the fish taco {all tacos are $2.50}.  If you have room, go for the beef tamale.  They often sell out of their tamales but it doesn't hurt to ask.

In my entire taco-eating-Southern-California-living experience, this taqueria wins the Feed My Sole award for best tacos in L.A.!  And I'm not the only one who thinks so.  It seems that they've already created a loyal culture around their tacos.

2100 E Cesar Chavez Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90033
twitter: @Guisados
facebook: Guisados

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