How to Find The Right Skirt Length

Here is a guide to finding the perfect length for your skirts.  The key is to make your legs appear longer then they are.  It is so important to hem your skirts if they don't fall in the right place.  $8 is worth looking fab!

Mini - these are fun at the clubs, or great on a hot day.  Anything above this is in the danger zone, and in this case, Danger is not your middle name. 2bstores {$19.95}

Knee Length - usually end right above the knee or right below the knee.  For the office, go for below the knee. 2bstores {$29.95}

Midi - falls somewhere in between below the knee and mid calf.  These skirts look good with heels as they will make your legs look shorter with flats.  Asos {$48.29}

Long or Maxi - go down to your ankle.  It is fine to wear flats with these as your feet hardly show. Asos {$31.04}

Floor Length - If it is more than just touches the floor, hem it.  You wouldn't want a disaster to happen.  Use this skirt for a formal occasion.  Heels go perfect with these as they make your legs look super long.  House of Dereon {$51.74}

Lo-Hi - the low-high skirt is shorter in the front and longer in the back.  Kinda like a mullet... but cuter.  The front and back lengths should hit two of the above mentioned lengths. GOjane {$29.40}

Danger zones:
Above mini - please, please for the sake of fashion do not get one of those belt skirts!  You know what they are.  They make you think, "is that a thick belt or a skirt?"  You are classier than that.

Between your mid calf and ankle - if a skirt falls here, hem it.  It is an awkward spot for a skirt to end and usually makes your legs look shorter.

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