SGV Food Tour

Are you feeling adventurous? This Sunday I will be joining Clarissa Wei and trying some regional Chinese cuisine on one of her food tours! She has been featured in Andrew Zimmern's Bizzare Food and showed him some of the best spots of the San Gabriel Valley. She also writes for the LA Times, LA Weekly, and other publications.

For those that don't know, the SGV holds some of the best Chinese cuisine that you can find in Los Angeles.  We'll be trying the first hamburger ever invented, stinky tofu, massive soup dumplings and several other dishes on this tour. Clarissa will be sharing her insight on what we will be dining on and explaining cool little factoids along each stop.

Clarissa is also discounting the price for my group only! This tour normally sells for $65. She is giving it to us for $55. If you've been looking for the real deal Chinese food, but are too intimidated to explore the SGV, this is the perfect tour. Clarissa shares her "go-to" spots which will hopefully be yours too after this tour.

Read more details about the dishes and sign up here:

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